142nd Thrice Potent Master

It is with great honor that I accept the position as the 142nd Thrice Potent Master of the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection and I thank you for putting your trust in me to SERVE and lead such an amazing organization. While going through the chairs of the LOP I have come to learn that as a Scottish Rite Mason our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is to care for our members and to help teach Children how to overcome dyslexia.The funds we raise through our 2 pie sales, soup and apple dumpling sales as well as our participation in the Children’s Dyslexia Center Walk enables our Valley to provide financial support to the Learning Center. Your continued support will assure its success.

Do you know a brother who is going through some rough times and needs some encouragement? Go to the Supreme Council Website, www.scottishritenmj.org, click on Brother to Brother, complete the form and Supreme Council will send a card offering get well greetings or words of encouragement from our Sovereign Grand Commander. This is just one of the ways we show that we care for our members.

Another TOP PRIORITY we have is to keep our membership strong by seeking out new prospects. On Saturday, October 29th there will be a very unique opportunity to advance a Master Mason or a newly raised Master Mason from that morning’s Man to Mason Class, to become a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in a few short hours, at a very low cost. It is of the utmost importance that we get as many new members as possible. The future of our LOP and other Scottish Rite Bodies is in our hands as our numbers are steadily declining.

The officers of the LOP are working hard to make this day a success but we need your help more than ever. So, it’s up to you to participate in our rituals and programs to replenish our membership in this one day class. Lets not pretend the responsibility lies elsewhere. We have been given the tools to change the lives of others. We just need to use them.


Dennis D. O’Connor

Thrice Potent Master

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