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frank_tunis_photoraphy-The Lancaster Lodge of Perfection welcomes you to scroll through the pages of our website to become familiar with our organization. We invite you to call or return email messages to learn more about the exciting times in Freemasonry.

Listed below are some highlights that should answer your preliminary questions. Our focus is to provide a transition or bridge from the Blue Lodge Master Mason Degree to the 4th through the 14th degree to become a Grand Elect Mason on your journey to the 15th through 32nd degrees granted by the Reading and Harrisburg Consistories.


Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry PDF

Continue the Masonic Journey of learning the Ineffable Degrees 4 thru 14, expanding your Masonic knowledge, and to become a 32 degree Mason.

Friendly Social Interaction with the membership emphasizing family involvement. A lifetime experience of choosing to become a Scottish Rite Mason

Use your unique gifts to offer you time, talent, treasure. Volunteering opportunities in many varied roles within the body.

For resident Mason’s in Lancaster County choosing the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection is a Jurisdictional Requirement. After becoming a Grand Elect Mason in the 14th degree the choice of Consistory is optional to join either the Reading or Harrisburg Consistory.

Our focus in fund raising is to support the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Lancaster.


  • Enjoy the fellowship of Fall and Spring Reunions. Attend social events with other members and their ladies.

  • Automatic membership in the Lancaster County and Harrisburg Scottish Rite Club.

  • Opportunities to share personal skills and knowledge through participation in Lodge Fund Raising events.

  • Participate in Reunions by taking a part in a degree, marshals, make-up men, choir, orchestra, costuming, stewards work, and other related activities.



Monday 5th 7:00 PM Executive Team Meeting

Tuesday 20 7:00 PM Family Night- McCaskey High School Drama Club holiday presentation

January 2017

9th 7:00 PM Executive Team Meeting

17th Stated Meeting 6:30 PM Dinner

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